The series «The Collapse of Cohesion» composed of 7 large and 12 small drawings as well as 2 installations includes various elements from Van Veluw's boyhood bedroom. Whereas the previous series incorporated themes of control, order and structure, in these works we witness the disintegration of these elements. Order turns into chaos. Visions of collapsing desks, falling cupboards and exploding cabinets mark the moment of disruption. Human structures are affected by forces of nature such as gravity, water and wind and in this way realigned into a new, natural order of things.

Although these works play on our fascination for destruction and need for disorder, they do possess an inherent compositional equilibrium. The physics of falling objects has a logic that is bound by rules. Each image has been carefully composed by Van Veluw in preliminary drawing studies. The placement of each element was not left to coincidence but was a preconceived choice of the artist.

Levi van Veluw was born in the Dutch town of Hoevelaken in 1985 and studied at the ArtEZ Institute of the Arts in Arnhem. Since graduating in 2007, Levi van Veluw has produced multi-disciplinary works that includes photographs, videos, sculptures, installations and drawings. This varied body of work has been showcased in many different locations across Europe and the United States, earning him a number of nominations and awards.


Born in 1985 Hoevelaken, The Netherlands

2003-2007     - ARTEZ Institute of the Arts, Arnhem, The Netherlands
2006         - Internship Erwin Olaf Springveld

2009-2010     - Art Teacher, Photography department, Willem de Kooning  Academy Rotterdam, The Netherlands


2016     - Centraal Museum Utrecht, Pays-Bas
    - Marres House of Contemporary Culture, Pays-Bas (Solo)
    - Museum De Fundatie, Pays-Bas
    - Museum of Modern art Arnhem, Pays-Bas
    - Normandy Impressionist festival, France
    - Drawing now, La Galerie Particuliere, Paris
    - Palace Soestdijk, Pays-Bas     
    - Galerie Ron Mandos, Amsterdam (Solo)
    - Rosenfeld Porcini gallery, Londres (Solo)
2015     - Marres House for contemporary culture, Maastricht, Pays-Bas
    - Manifesta Foundation Amsterdam, Pays-Bas
    - Rijksmuseum Twente, Pays-Bas
    - Stedelijk Museum Schiedam, Pays-Bas
    - Maddox Arts, Londres
    - Maison Particuliere Brussels, Belgique
    - Textiel museum, Pays-Bas
    - De Hallen Haarlem, Pays-Bas
    - Ben Maltz gallery, USA
    - Drdova gallery, Praque

2014     - Drawing Centre Diepenheim, The Netherlands
    - La Galerie Particulière, Paris, France
    - Mondriaan Huis, The Netherlands
    - Maison & Objet, France

2013     - Queensland Centre for Photography, Australia
    - Museums Quartier, Vienna, Austria
    - Gemeente museum Den Haag, Miniature Museum, The Netherlands
    - Arti et Amicitiae, Museum Night, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    - Ron Mandos Gallery, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    - Annigahof, Zwolle, The Netherlands
    - Bromer art Collection, Switzerland
    - Maison Particulière, Brussels, Belgium
    - Art Brussels, Belgium
    - Buitenplaats Beeckestein, Velsen-Zuid, The Netherlands
    - Reframe Festival, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

2012     - Films4peace Curated by Mark Coetzee
    - Garage, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
    - Volta, Basel, Switzerland
    - Singer Museum, Laren, The Netherlands
    - Museum Lanchelevici, Belgium
    - The Armory show, New York, USA
    - Museum of Sound and Image, São Paulo, Brazil
    - Beit Ha?ir Tel Aviv Museum, Tel Aviv, Israël

2011     - Museum for Modern Art, Arnhem, The Netherlands
    - Rivera & Revera Gallery, Los Angeles, USA
    - Museum de Fundatie, Zwolle, The Netherlands
    - Designhuis, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
    - Museum for Old and New Art, Australia
    - Ron Mandos Gallery, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    - Kunsthal, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
    - The Armory Show, New York, USA
    - Kadmium, Delft, The Netherlands

2010     - Festival Latent Talent, Tarragona, Spain
    - SIGN, Young Collectors, Groningen, The Netherlands
    - Museum het Valkhof, Nijmegen, The Netherlands
    - Village green Art Festival, United Kingdom
    - Arte Leku Arts Centre, Spain
    - Volta, Basel, Switzerland
    - BKKC, Tilburg, The Netherlands
    - Museum for Arts and Design, New York, USA
    - Virserums Konsthall, Sweden
    - Gorcums Museum, The Netherlands
    - Art Rotterdam, PThe Netherlands
    - Centre of Contemporary Art, Torun, Poland

2009     - Festival Experimenta, Australia
    - Platform 21, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    - ARS Electronica, Linz, Austria
    - Nieuwspoort, Achmea Collection, Den Haag, The Netherlands
    - Festival Smile, Hasselt, Belgium
    - Museum of Modern Art, Arnhem, The Netherlands
    - Mode Biennale, Arnhem, The Netherlands
    - Medialab, Enschede, The Netherlands
    - Art Brussels, Belgium
    - Noord Brabants Museum, The Netherlands
    - Mode Biennale, Arnhem, The Netherlands
    - Museum of Modern Art, Arnhem, The Netherlands
    - Art Rotterdam, The Netherlands

2008     - C-Space Gallery, Beijing, China
    - Picnic Festival, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    - Marischal Museum, Aberdeen, Scottland
    - Stedelijk Museum Schiedam, The Netherlands
    - Whitstable Biennale, United Kingdom
    - Fort Asperen, The Netherlands
    - Scope art Fair, Basel, Switzerland
    - Art Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    - Scheringa Museum, The Netherlands
    - Hyeres Festival, France
    - Next Artfair, Chicago, USA
    - Vegas Gallery, London, United Kingdom
    - Ron Mandos Gallery, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    - Diesel New Art, Stockholm, Sweden

2007     - Showroom Mamma, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
    - New Life Visuals, Berlin, Germany
    - Kunst Vereniging Diepenheim, The Netherlands
    - Gallery Bart, Nijmegen, The Netherlands
    - Art Olive, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    - Hogeschool Domstad, Utrecht, The Netherlands
    - Media Festival, Leeuwarden, The Netherlands
    - Fette-Gallery, Los Angeles, USA
    - ITS#6,Trieste, Italia
    - Akzo Nobel, Arnhem, The Netherlands
    - Galleria Grazia Neri, Milano, Italia

2006     - Art Cologne, Epson Photo Art Award, The Netherlands

Awards & Nominations

2014 - 2015 - Volksrant Beeldende kunstprijs, Pays-Bas
    - Epos drawing prize, Pays-Bas

2007     - Winner, International Photo Awards, Fine Arts, USA
    - Winner, Art Interview Award, Germany
    - Winner, Akzo Nobel «Museum Night», young talent, The Netherlands
    - Nominated, AanZet! Kunst Vereniging Diepenheim, The Netherlands
    - Nominated, Diesel DNA New Art, Italia
    - Nominated, Art Olive young talent, The Netherlands
    - Nominated, ITS#6 International talent support, Italia
    - Winner, American Photography 23, USA

2006     - Winner, Epson Photo Art Award, Best selected work, Germany
    - Nominated, Photo Academy Award, The Netherlands


2014     - Book, Landmark: the Fields of Landscape Photography by William Ewing, USA
    - Maison & Objet, France
    - Art power, Installation Design, China
    - PF Magazine, The Netherlands

2013     - NRC, Newspaper, The Netherlands
    - Tubelight, The Netherlands
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    - Financieel dagblad, Newspaper, The Netherlands
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    - Utopia, Book, Italia
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