When speaking of her method, Constance Nouvel employs a statement that sheds a perfect light on her enterprise: « I choose subjects that, by analogy, can combine different spaces: the photographed, photography and the photographic. » She follows through on this wide program with a constantly renewed rigorousness and inspiration. Her work does not explore specific subjects or iconographic repertoires nor does it evidence particularly favored themes or spaces that need to be systematically explored. What it does is provide an analysis of what the medium of photography, so widely used, can still be today. Thus she has decided to examine the philology of the photographic: its history, its artifices, and its technical and semantic practices.
To do so, the artist creates installation and three-dimensional dispositifs in subtle spatial settings where photography often captures the subject. They allow her to insert the critical dimension, the strategic distance, and the subterfuges that are inherent to her work, and that are underscored by the constant presence of a frame...
All her images are infused with a particular grace and sensitiveness that is not averse to the realms of imagination and dream, particularly through
the recurring usage of the landscape. But it is a trap: by pretending to show us the poetic and aloof universe of her images, Constance Nouvel actually forces us to a sudden awareness that gives us no choice but to succumb to the irresistible charm that these images hold over us, and
within which we find ourselves confined.

Henry-Claude Cousseau


Born in 1985, lives and works in Paris




2010 Master?s Degree in Fine Arts with Honours, ENSBA, National School of Fine Arts, Paris, France

2008-09 Bachelor?s Degree, University of Québec, Montréal ? Student Exchange programme

2005-10 Patrick Tosani Workshop Student at ENSBA, National School of Fine Arts, Paris, France




- La solution de continuité, solo show, Yishu8 - House of Arts in Beijing, Beijing

- ?Upward, and yet not Northward?, solo exhibition, Lectoure Center of Art and Photography





- Construction / Apparition, a proposal by Michel Poivert, Galerie Particulière

- Voies OFF Festival, Night screenings, Rencontres d'Arles Opening week , 6-11 july, Arles

- Parti(e) de Paysages, 60th Salon de Montrouge

- An exhibition Pro-retrospective by Code Magazine 2.0, Middlemarch, Brussels



- ONE STEP BEYOND, group show, Christophe Gaillard gallery, Paris

- A L?ENVERS, A L?ENDROIT ..., group show, Centre Photographique d?Ile-de-France, Pontault-Combault

- ESPERANCE TUNING, group show, Espace des Arts Sans Frontière, Paris



- YIA Art Fair / Young International Artists, Bastille Design Center, Paris

- Jeune Création, International contemporary art fair, Le Centquatre, Paris



- Confidentiel of Yia, Paul Frèches and Dakota gallery, l?Appartement, Paris

- Fonctions obliques, group show, Eugène Beaudouin space, Antony

- (Mis)perception, group show, Paul Frèches gallery, Paris

- Man-made, group show, Dominique Fiat gallery, Paris

- Réfraction, group show, Espace des arts sans frontière, Paris

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- Exhibition Constance Nouvel-Manon Recordon, Espace Lhomond, Paris, France

- Le Vent d?après, Palais des Beaux-arts, Paris, France

- Montrouge?s 56th Salon, Montrouge, France

- European competition for photography ?Goldener Kentaur?, Münchner Künstlerhaus, Münich, Germany



- Photography with scalpel, group show, Immix Galerie, Paris, France

- Photography: perception as stratums, DNSAP Students exhibition, ENSBA, Paris, France

- 50 years of Culture ministry, collective exhibition by Patrick Tosani?s workshop students, ENSBA, Paris, France

- La Ville en kit, section New Matérials, ENSBA, Paris, France

- Figures du corps, une leçon d?anatomie aux Beaux-arts, ENSBA, Paris, France

- Gallery of Yabatechnology, collective workshop lead by Photographer J.D. Okhai Ojeikere, Lagos, Nigeria




2014 Yishu 8 grant 2014, House of Arts, Beijing.

2011 Fine Arts school of Paris ?Roger Bataille??s grant



- Yishu8 Grant - House of culture in Beijing, 2014



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